The garden

if your life was a garden,
what would you see?
what would you see, what would you hear, what would you feel?

if your life was a garden,
what would you design, plan, plot

and where would you let go
let go let grow let wild
let nature do her magical thing

and be


what are the soils grounding you? the waters refreshing you? the suns energising you?
which are the weeds why are they there?
what wants to be let go of, kicked out of the nest?
what do you throw away and where

– reduce reuse recycle? –

what would you compost into nutrients for something new
what seeds are you planting
and how soon do you expect to harvest them?

if your life was a garden
what experiments are undertaken
who is invited on your learning journeys
where do you curiosities bring you

where do you decide to go on new adventures
and what would decide to come to you
as butterflies with the wind

if your life was a garden,
who would be your bumble bees
cross-pollinating your ideas with others
how do you welcome unexpected travellers

who would you invite
to celebrate the seasons with?

how do you honour the ground you’re rooted
the gifts Mother Earth is offering you
the magic of growth
and the thing we call life

if your life was a garden

how does it feel to blossom and bloom?

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