In May 2019, I suddenly felt the urge to pick up a camera. I filmed some things and I did a first rough edit. And then the procrastination kicked in.
I procrastinated until September, when my computer crashed and I lost all the files, except for that first draft. I couldn’t finish the video.
I decided to publish it anyway, because
a) this process has taught me some things* and
b) this video is not made for perfection but for my future self. The irony is that I only realised this because I lost the files. Otherwise, I would have spend a lot of time procrastinating for perfection.

Thus, in celebration of imperfection, here’s the first draft of something I wanted to make perfect:

* Lessons learned:
2. Stop procrastinating!
3. The impossibility of perfecting a thing I’m creating feels actually as liberation rather than frustration

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  1. Zo leuk om even met je mee te kijken Fen!!

  2. Ha ha Fenna, it’s perfect!!! XX

  3. ahh fennie!!!! i love you so much. zo leuk om te zien<3

  4. Verrekt fijn filmpje pop!

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