July 23rd, 2019

It’s the summer of 2019. Get up early. Have watermelon for breakfast. Get out of the house.
Stop saying No, I can’t. Throw away your to-do list and say Yes yes I want and I’m on my way. Pick me up at the train station.

Go to the lake. To the beach, to the water.

Throw off your clothes. Run to the water and swim. Swim, even though you don’t have your bathing suit with you. Swim, even though you’re wearing the ugliest old undies you don’t want to show the world AT ALL and only wear on your period because if you leak you won’t spoil your nice ones. Swim, even though┬ábecause your previous self would never have done this. Run to the water and swim. Swim swim swim.

Open your eyes under water. Think Oh my god we are alive.

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  1. zo fijn om weer berichten van je te lezen:)

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