where do we start?

we start in school
preschool, elementary
high school
you learn to
to write
to do things with numbers
you learn the world is complex
and boy – so is life
you learn latin and maths and how to do exams
you learn that puberty sucks
you graduate and learn that everyone gives you the same advice
just follow your heart
but no one can tell you what language your heart speaks and where the dictionary actually lies
you have to keep looking
in the mean time you go to university
you learn about waves and particles and relativity and all that
but mainly you learn to solve problems
and that trying and trying and trying pays off
you learn that academia is a high tower
from where the overview looks pretty good
but it gives only one perspective
and you cannot interact
from there the world becomes flat
you learn you want to descend the high tower
go into the wild
you want to build new towers
and stages and bridges and change in the world
you learn that the status quo is there to be changed
and that there is no reason to believe you cannot do so
you learn to meet new people
to go to new places
if you swim to the horizon
you will see things you can not see from here
because -fun fact- the world is not flat

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  1. Ha Fenna is terug!

  2. Beautiful fenna ❤️

  3. Deze is prachtig.

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