if we didn’t have to save the world
we would open a bookshop

with ladders and high shelves
and always live music
on the grand piano

we would call the bookshop Raspberry Blue

we would serve pots of free tea
and kurkuma lattes in window seats
and in secret corners
would lie postcards from strangers
and strangerers

we could recommend you a book or a zine
or a boyfriend, if that’s what you’re needing most

we wouldn’t be mad if you came in looking looking not buying
because maybe you are looking for your father
or time or raspberry pies or an answer
or for purpose because what the heck is this all about

we would extend our opening times for those in need for a browse, a house or a home

we would hype the underhyped
we would hear the unheard
we would unhurt the hurt

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  1. Jaa, Fenna, en dan maak ik de broodjes en soep

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