June 24th, 2018

sometimes, you need to leave yourself behind
you need to get up
go outside, to you-don’t-yet-know where
you need to be open to strangers
if they ask you to buy their photographs
you need to shove away your principles
you need to listen to their stories, look them in their eyes
buy their photographs with money you don’t have
you need to ask if you can hug them

then, standing next to your bike, waiting for something to happen
you need to be open to the man that approaches you with a very not funny joke
you need to listen to his poetry
you need to take his contact information in case you want to perform at his event

you need to approach the guy with the curly hair
and compliment him on his socks that match his outfit like crazy
you need to say yes
when they ask you to perform your spoken words on the spot
you need to say yes
you need to help them carry their metallophone to the car
and hug them goodbye in the parking garage

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