2018. A manifesto of sorts

go outside
always carry a book, a pen, a notebook
go offline
create, make stuff
show your work
fake it till you make it
make your bed
practice gratefulness
collect inspiration, steal like an artist
start a project
start therapy
learn a new skill
do a scary thing
say yes more often
say I love you more often
throw a party
throw yourself at it
drink tea and read
be vulnerable
dare to be daring
never arrive empty-handed, give people presents
send people letters
don’t expect anything from anyone
cherish everything from everyone
question your thoughts and beliefs
make a phone call just to listen
really listen
go to new places
speak to new strangers, smile at them
surround yourself with people who levitate you
remind yourself of the magic
radiate energy
come home in your body
grasp opportunities that excite you
block a day and make that thing you wanna make
treat yourself
educate yourself
support, celebrate, cheer at yourself
if all you can do is survive, survive
if you need attention, ask for it
if someone closes a book you feel is not closed, start a sequel
let people touch you in places that make you tremble
get lost
get lonely
get back
go vegan
yes! go!

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  1. yes yes yes!

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